The following policies are also available to view in school or can be sent on request, either electronically or in hard copy:

Cranford House

Accessibility Policy

Admissions Policy and Procedures

Anti-Bullying Policy and Procedures

Behaviour Policy and Procedures Including Rewards and Sanctions

Bursaries Policy and Procedures 

Children's Rights and Entitlements 

Communication Policy and Guidance for Parents 

Complaints Procedure for Parents 

Confidentiality, Record Keeping, Parental Access to Records & Sharing of Information 

Curriculum Policy for the Junior School (Includes EYFS)

Curriculum Policy for the Senior School 

Disability Policy for Pupils 

EAL Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy for Pupils 

Exclusions Policy and Procedures

Fire Risk Prevention Policy 

Health and Safety Policy 

Medical and First Aid Policy and Procedures

No-Smoking Policy 

Nutrition Policy

Personal Care Policy 

Policy and Procedures for Volunteers & Students on Work Placements 

Policy for Looked After Children

Policy for Parental Involvement in the EYFS

Policy for the Transfer of Records to School

Policy for Working in Partnership with Other Agencies

Policy on Pupils' Use of IT, Smartphones and Other Digital Devices

PSHCEE Policy 

Pupil Sanctions Record Policy 

Pupil Supervision Policy 

Preventing Radicalisation Policy 

Reasonable Adjustments for Pupils 

Safeguarding (Including Child Protection) Policy and Procedures

School Outings and Trips Policy (Supervision of Pupils) 

Scholarships Policy and Procedures 

Sex & Relationships Education Policy Leaflet 

Sibling Fee Discount 

SMSC Policy 

Special Educational Needs Policy 

Sun Protection Policy and Procedures for EYFS 

Statement of Governance and Management 

Terms and Conditions 

The Role of the Key Person and Settling-In in the EYFS

Transport Policy 

Use of Smartphones & Cameras in the EYFS 

Nursery School

Fire Risk Prevention Policy

Missing Pupil Policy and Procedures