The Cranford House Music Department is renowned locally for its excellence and Music plays an integral part of life at our school, both within the curriculum and with over 220 peripatetic lessons taking place every week.

Cranford House pupils are enthused with a love of music right from their first days in Nursery where they are encouraged to play and explore with music and movement. As pupils progress through our Junior School they enjoy expert teaching by our specialist music teachers, led by our inspirational Director of Music. At the lower end of Junior School, pupils learn to play the violin and recorder during their music lessons, while in Years 5 and 6 they use the electric keyboards and are encouraged to bring in their own instruments.

Pupils have the opportunity to try out different instruments both in Music lessons and with the team of dedicated peripatetic teachers in order to decide if they would like to learn an instrument.

All Junior pupils are members of our Junior School Choir and cherish the opportunity to showcase their achievements throughout the year in assemblies, parental recitals, tea-concerts and school shows. 

Music at Cranford House provides exciting opportunities for pupils of all abilities, from picking up an instrument for the first time to progressing quickly through their grade exams with ABRSM.