an introduction to gcse art & design

Why choose GCSE Art & Design?

The creative industries are one of the biggest growing areas of employment in this country!

GCSE Art and Design provides an excellent foundation for further education courses in Art and Design, Graphics, Photography, Sculpture and Textiles. It is a practical and creative subject in which pupils are given the opportunity to develop, to take risks with their work, think independently and to have control over the direction of their work.

Art & Design in the Sixth Form

A-level Art and Design students develop their ability to critically analyse and explore a range of Art and Design themes. Consolidating skills already developed at GCSE, they develop personal responses to a range of starting points, investigating both critical and contextual forms through the use of a wide range of media and techniques. Students can choose a pathway to develop their own artistic ideas; choices include Fine Art, Textiles and Photography. Each pathway makes up a separate A-level, making it possible to study more than one area which will be equivalent to two or three A-level options. Our Creative Arts Suite includes a designated Sixth Form studio space and dark room.