an introduction to gcse business studies

Why choose GCSE Business Studies?

Business Studies is a subject that gives pupils the opportunity to develop a wide range of transferable skills. Pupils will become skilled in making decisions, being creative, solving problems, understanding finance, analysing data and working as part of a team. They will not only gain business knowledge and understanding, but will gain the opportunity to put it into practise through a range of business activities and projects. Business Studies gives pupils the opportunity to understand the world that we live in and to become more aware of global issues and events.

Business in the Sixth Form

A-level Business Studies covers many parts of the GCSE specification, but takes it to a more advanced level. There is a greater focus on understanding a range of decision making techniques and on globalisation, and this prepares students for living in the modern business world. A-level Economics is also offered and is popular with GCSE Business Studies students. Many students go on to take a business-related degree at University, with Business Management being particularly popular, and many universities offer a year in industry to bring to life the theory studied and to give individuals an edge in the employment market after graduation. There are an exciting and diverse range of future careers available to students studying Business Studies from Marketing Designer to Accountant, Company Director to Human Resources Manager. Business students are highly regarded due to the variety of skills and knowledge that they possess and this makes them suitable for most professions.