an introduction to gcse computer science

Why choose GCSE Computer Science?

In Computer Science, pupils will learn skills and techniques that will help them in their career, whatever they go on to do. Pupils will not only learn how to program, apply algorithms, use networks and code video games and mobile applications, but also basic project management techniques, product development cycles and problem solving. These skills will be used every day in every career, not just the IT industry. Pupils will also gain an understanding of modern technology: how to use it, how to create it and how information is stored, transferred, manipulated and controlled.

Computer Science in the Sixth Form

A-level Computer Science explores the rapidly evolving world of computers through both theoretical understanding of the fundamentals of computer science and practical programming experience using Python. Students will learn to apply the academic principles covered in the classroom, drawing on problem solving skills, powers of analysis and the ability to evaluate and make decisions.

A Computer Science A-level is a vital springboard for any student wishing to study the subject at university.

Computer Science graduates are highly employable with job options ranging from technically orientated jobs to roles in consultancy or cyber-security.