an introduction to gcse further pure mathematics

Why choose GCSE Further Pure Mathematics?

The course is designed to engage students and develop their skills to progress to further study of Mathematics and a wide range of other subjects. Pupils who enjoy Mathematics and wish to pursue their interest in the subject should strongly consider this GCSE. It extends subject knowledge and mathematical techniques beyond those covered in the compulsory Mathematics course, broadens and deepens students’ skills and supports successful progression onto A-level and beyond.

Further Mathematics in the Sixth Form

Although not essential for progression to A-level, the IGCSE Further Pure Mathematics, allows for a smooth transition to A-level Mathematics and A-level Further Mathematics, both of which are offered at Cranford House Sixth Form. The study of these subjects are useful for a number of Higher Education courses and are well regarded among employers. Mathematics has links with science, engineering and accountancy but also complements several other subjects and supports many university courses that major in a different area.