an introduction to GCSE modern foreign languages

Why choose GCSE French, German or Spanish?

Did you know, learning a language helps your memory, creativity, listening skills and self confidence, as well as improving your communication skills? In fact, speaking more than one language is proven to increase your brain capacity, so languages are good for you!

The ability to understand another language is immensely beneficial. It will allow you to read books, watch films and listen to songs in their native language, as well as communicating with people when you go abroad. In the world of business, being able to speak a second language will really make you stand out. It is impressive to be able to speak a foreign language, and your achievement will be recognised by employers and envied by others. What’s more, using a language at work could increase your salary by up to 20%.

French, German or Spanish in the Sixth Form

One of the aims of A-level French, German or Spanish is to provide the opportunity for students to significantly broaden their studies and to acquire the different skills required by many international employers.

Each A-level course consists of four core areas: Social Issues and Trends; Political and Artistic Culture; Grammar; and Literary Texts and Films. Students will develop their skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking to encourage a high level of fluency and accuracy. Studying French, German or Spanish at A-level helps develop communication skills, teamwork and independence. In addition, the course provides a solid platform for those wishing to go on to study a language at university.

Students can go on to study French, German or Spanish either as stand-alone subjects or as a combined degree at university and many courses provide a year in industry abroad. Career opportunities typically lie in consultancy, banking, travel, media, business and foreign affairs.