an introduction to gcse music

Why choose GCSE Music?

Music provides a soundtrack to our lives, magnifying thoughts, feelings and emotions in all kinds of ways. Following this GCSE Music course will develop your understanding of how this magic can be created. Through the course, pupils will learn how to compose and develop skills in performing and listening to music. GCSE Music is an inspiring course in its own right and may lead to further study at A-level and beyond.

Music in the Sixth Form

The skills involved in A-level Music are both practical and intellectual, offering students the chance to develop a greater understanding of how music works. The Music course focuses on composing, aural perception, performance and appreciation and analysis. Music is a well-respected A-level that is an excellent complement to most other subjects. The course is split between the disciplines of listening, performing and composing. There is a slightly greater emphasis on the listening and the performing components. The performing component requires students to perform regularly throughout the course.