An introduction to GCSE science

The Practical Element

All three Sciences feature a range of scientific theory, real-life application, practical work and application of mathematical skills.

The assessment of the practical element is integrated into the teaching and tested within examination questions. There are a set of potential practical questions given by the Board. The pupils must carry out these experiments within class and be able to describe and analyse them within the examination paper.

Science in the Sixth Form

A-level Science has real-world relevance and can inspire and nurture students’ passion for continuing future study in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, laying the groundwork for further education courses such as Medicine, Biological Sciences, Engineering and Pharmacy. Science is fundamentally an experimental subject and the courses offer numerous opportunities to use practical experiences to link theory to reality and equip students with the essential practical skills they need.

Field work plays a key part in A-level Science, so there will be regular trips, both day and residential, to a range of field study centres. There may also be an opportunity to carry out a combined field trip with the Geography Department to Iceland.