an introduction to Art

A brief overview from our Heads of Department.

Art students develop confidence in producing their own images and works of art. They learn to respond to works produced by others and to features of the natural and man-made environment with reasoned arguments. They are able to perceive Art as a major cultural feature.

Senior School

In the Senior School, all year groups take advantage of trips and visits by practising artists to increase their appreciation of Art. In Key Stage 3, pupils visit award-winning galleries and museums to study not only art and artefacts, but also the cultures from which they stem. All pupils are introduced to an exciting range of new skills in this key stage such as silk screen printing, art and text installations, air brushing and technology design using iPads.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4, our GCSE students are introduced to further techniques, such as life drawing, in preparation for their GCSE Examination.