an introduction to design technology

A brief overview from our heads of department.

During Design Technology lessons, pupils develop a high standard of design, manufacture and finish, together with the confident use and thorough understanding of materials, components and tools appropriate to the challenge. They learn to share ideas, working co-operatively on a range of activities, appraising what they, and others, have created and acting upon that appraisal in a constructive and positive way. They are given creative opportunities to generate, develop and communicate ideas; respond creatively to briefs; apply their knowledge of materials and techniques, plan, organise and build products; solve technical problems and reflect on their own designs and creations.



Key Stage 3 sees pupils exploring Textiles and Food Technology. Textiles lessons focus on the use of the sewing machine to create a range of items from tote bags to simple summer dresses. Food Technology begins with knife skills, healthy eating, health and safety in the kitchen and addresses food hygiene and food product design through the creation of a wide range of dishes. Trips and visits in Key Stage 3 are linked with those of the Art Department.


In Key Stage 4, Textile Design GCSE is offered. This allows pupils to develop both their practical, theoretical and artistic skills and see them follow the design process, from initial brief to final evaluation.