an introduction to drama

An overview from our Heads of Department

Drama and the Performing Arts play a prominent role in the life of our school. We are proud to celebrate the best of our acting and musical talent in our annual plays, musicals and dance productions, whilst also ensuring inclusivity prevails across the board. Each year sees our Drama Department staging both a Senior play and a musical production.


In Years 7 and 8, weekly Drama lessons allow pupils to combine Drama, Dance and Music. They perform a scripted musical and also write and perform their own musical productions. Throughout Key Stage 3, pupils build a wide range of Drama skills including Mask, Melodrama, Grand Guignol and make-up, Semiotics and Greek Choral Speaking. Lessons are delivered in a dynamic, student-led manner and pupils are encouraged to develop characters and performances with more depth, whilst supporting the confidence-building aspects of the subject.


Pupils continue to study timetabled Drama throughout Year 9. Those who choose to continue with GCSE Drama go on to create a series of different performances for a variety of audiences. Our calendar of trips to theatres in London's West End and beyond assists them in developing their understanding of how to analyse the performance of others. They also study and perform a scripted play.

We also have a strong tradition of excellent LAMDA teaching through our peripatetic staff and a huge number of pupils gain public speaking and acting qualifications that can be used to add to their UCAS points.