an introduction to geography

A brief overview from our Heads of Department.

At Cranford House we aim to ensure that the study of Geography:

  • is engaging, challenging and relevant to the 21st Century
  • inspires pupils to learn and understand the world in which they live
  • shapes pupils into becoming global citizens
  • promotes pupils' ability to question, think critically and investigate
  • develops a wide range of skills such as literacy, numeracy, graphicacy, map reading and ICT


Our KS3 curriculum is fun and hands-on, offering a broad and relevant experience of Geography, incorporating the key concepts of place, space, scale, interdependence and physical and human processes. A wide variety of approaches to teaching and learning are employed to motivate students and ensure their active participation. A 'Landscape Detectives Day' in Year 7 sees pupils investigating the local landscape, as well as testing their newly learnt map skills, whilst in Year 9 a trip to Swanage and Studland enhances learning of our coastal geography unit.


In KS4, the new GCSE 9-1 syllabus is exciting and is designed to be relevant and dynamic with up-to-date content. The course takes a thematic approach with a balance between Physical and Human Geography, along with integrated skills. Fieldwork is integral to learning and a week's residential field-trip in North Wales takes place at the end of Year 10.