an introduction to science

A brief overview from our Heads of Department

Our overall aim is to instil an interest in Science, the world and the future, as well as developing practical and thinking skills and an understanding of technology in today’s world. Innovative teaching combined with plenty of hands-on practical work and student-led investigations lead to motivated learners and consistently impressive results for our Science Department. Our already excellent facilities will be improved still further by the addition of our planned STEM centre.


We are especially proud of our cross-curricular STEM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) which makes subjects relevant to the real world and ensures pupils are well-prepared for the jobs of the future. STEM is taught alongside Science in Year 7, taking in project-based work that encourages curiosity, problem solving and risk taking amongst students.

In Year 8, pupils move on to study Physics, Chemistry and Biology as three separate subjects, each taught by specialist subject teachers.


By Year 9, pupils have developed a good understanding of basic scientific principles and are ready to begin the GCSE syllabus which continues into Key Stage 4. At this point, pupils opt to take either the Trilogy or Triple Science for GCSE and the Science Department works with each pupil to ensure they select the most appropriate individual option.

Science is a popular subject at Cranford House with extra-curricular Science clubs, STEM club, A-Level taster sessions and a wealth of exciting events organised by the school Science Captain to promote interest and enjoyment in Science for all.