an introduction to a-level further mathematics

A brief overview from our A-level teachers.

What does it involve?

To reinforce our commitment to support all our students’ ambitions, we also offer the Further Mathematics A-level, which may be required for some university courses. This course allows students to develop their understanding of the subject to a far greater level, thus more fully preparing students for university subject choices with a heavy mathematical content. Students study two mandatory Pure Mathematics modules and then two further modules in Statistics and Discrete Mathematics.

Further Mathematics must be studied in addition to Mathematics A-level and cannot be selected as a standalone subject.

How is it assessed?

This takes the form of four 90-minute examination papers, which are equally weighted and taken at the end of the two-year course.

Which skills or qualifications do I need?

A good pass in GCSE Mathematics is required to study Mathematics and Further Mathematics A-level and any student wishing to study Mathematics A-level is encouraged to speak to the Head of Department.

University or employment prospects?

Further Mathematics may be a required A-level for some university courses, for example, Engineering or Mathematics. The advanced level of knowledge and skill developed during the course can also strengthen students’ performance in occupations with a heavy mathematical content, such as Actuarial Sciences, high-level Statistician work or any environment which demands advanced mathematical skills.