Cranford House’s Sixth Form will build on the strong foundations of academic excellence laid at GCSE, offering both a bespoke education tailored to the individual and a broad and varied Sixth Form curriculum, all within a new purpose-built Sixth Form Centre.

The Sixth Form curriculum will provide an extension of our current Senior School studies, with the addition of further subjects for which there is strong demand. This will allow us to deliver a seamless progression in learning. Cranford House Sixth Form will bridge the gap between school and university, encouraging greater independence whilst ensuring pupils remain on track educationally.

Experience tells us our model of all-girls’ Senior School is best. This combined with the hands-on approach of our teachers and one-to-one attention lead to great results. It is this effective model that we will continue in the Sixth Form to allow our pupils to experience sustained success.

Our bespoke new Sixth Form centre will include:

  • Common Room
  • Private Study Pods
  • Learning Resource Centre
  • Classrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Sixth Form Lab
  • Music Practice Room

Whilst girls will have the majority of their lessons and study time within the Sixth Form Centre, they will still have access to all the specialist sporting, musical and artistic facilities that the school has to offer.

Seamless Progression to Sixth Form

The superb pastoral care for which our school is rightly renowned will continue in our Sixth Form, creating a supportive environment where girls thrive and succeed. At Cranford House, our small class sizes, 1:1 tutorials and attention to each individual allows teachers to understand each pupil’s optimum learning style. This knowledge will assist our staff in enabling pupils to really hit the ground running from their first day as Sixth Formers. In addition, UCAS support will be an integral part of preparing pupils for electing their future university.

Combining Experience and Academics
Our focus on building links with the commercial and business world means our Sixth Formers will be afforded fantastic opportunities to gain invaluable work experience, via tailored placements and internships. Careers and university guidance will be a central aspect of our Sixth Form provision and will include a weekly tutorial programme, overseen by a new Director of Sixth Form. This progressive approach will ensure our Sixth Form and its students are in tune with today’s working world.

Adaptive to Pupil's Needs
Tailoring our Sixth Form to pupils' requirements is key to the development of a curriculum that reflects their ambitions. While existing GCSE Level subjects will be on offer to A Level, the school is also actively exploring subjects requested by students such as Politics, Psychology, Economics and Dance. Our small size is our strength in many ways. This will be particularly apparent in the Sixth Form where it will enable us to meet and timetable any combination of subjects in a ways that larger establishments are unable to match.