an introduction to english

A brief overview from our Heads of Department

‘Go and open the door’, the opening line of a poem by Miroslav Holub about imagination, sums up the philosophy which underpins English learning and teaching at Cranford House. All students study English Language and Literature throughout the Senior School, gradually building their skills and expertise in reading, writing, speaking and listening and exploring their own and other people’s experiences through the medium of language.

English is taught by a dedicated team of specialists who bring their passions and enthusiasms to the classroom and beyond. The English curriculum is enriched through a wide range of activities, experiences and opportunities. Theatre trips and workshops, poetry slams, visiting authors and poets, opportunities for creative writing, journalism, public speaking, debating and discussion, together with creative cross-curricular collaboration, all enrich and form a regular part of the English calendar.


In Key Stage 3, we aim to encourage creative readers and writers, attentive listeners and fluent and confident speakers. Pupils learn about literature and thought in their own and other cultures and the curriculum encompasses all major literary forms, including the novel, poetry and drama, as well as media and non-fiction writing.

In Key Stage 4, pupils study the Edexcel GCSE courses in English Language and English Literature.