What does it involve?

A-level Business Studies provides an exciting insight into the dynamic world of business. Students will learn how to run and manage a company. They will study the importance of marketing and how to identify, target and satisfy customer requirements. Every business decision has financial implications and students learn how to calculate profit, forecast cash flow and analyse a firm’s published accounts. The A-level syllabus really encourages students to explore all aspects of our modern world and its global economy.

How is it assessed?

Students are assessed through three written examination papers at the end of the two year course.

Which skills or qualifications do I need?

The A-level course is not restricted to students with a Business Studies GCSE. Business Studies draws on a range of academic skills and students are encouraged to apply where they have a genuine interest in the subject.

University or employment prospects?

For those studying Business Studies at A-level, a broad range of career options exist including direct entry into the business world or further study at university. Many universities offer a year in industry to bring to life the theory studied and give individuals the edge in the employment market after graduation.